Carthego: Table Top
Carthego’s versatility is not limited to its Touch Screen and perfect design.
Carthego is a vending machine designed to be used as a modular structure: it is a Table Top Hot Drinks vending machine, which, if equipped with the right cabinet, can become free-standing and if paired with the Mini Snack can become a Combi Hot & Snack dispenser.
Carthego Table Top is fully automated, offers 16 types of hot drinks, and is available in the Espresso and Instant versions.
Carthego is our new line of top vending machines, available in the following layouts:
  • Table Top with matching cabinet
  • Table Top plus Mini Snack vending machine, for snacks and cold drinks
Carthego, which pairs its ultramodern and clean design with several hi-tech functions, supplies hot and cold drinks and snacks. This elegant vending machine is the ideal solution for offices and medium-sized supply requirements.

Carthego Table Top offers up to 16 different types of hot drinks and is available in the Espresso (4-5 soluble products + 1 coffee grinder and 600 cc boiler) and Instant (6 containers plus 1 boiler - not pressurised) versions.
Main characteristics
  • Innovative HMI (Human Machine Interface), thanks to the 12” Touch Screen display; highly customisable, with network connectivity and multi-sensor communication
  • Elegant, flat, technological and modern minimalist design, with precious accents
  • Easy maintenance and re-provisioning, thanks to two Saeco innovations:
    • Rotating System, that makes it possible to join the Table Top machine to the Mini Snack in an effective and innovative way: the Table Top can be rotated above the Mini Snack, thus allowing for a quick access to the machine’s components and eliminating the need to move the whole machine (patent pending)
    • Tilting Plate - this plate can be tilted by 30° towards the operator, and is equipped with a container-retention system that makes it easier to load
  • Innovative Saeco solution (patent pending) that make it possible to double the quantity of stirrers and grounds that the machine can manage
  • Dispenser bay edges lighted by blue leds
  • High number of choices, pre-selections and mixers
  • New powder dispensing system Saeco Easy Dry
User interface
  • Product selection interface through 12” Touch Screen. Highly customisable and highly interactive, possible internet connections, audio output, etc.
  • 3 level surfing prior to selection and possibility of customising the menu with direct selections or guided procedures, divided into sub-groups of drink or snack types
  • The change button is integrated into the Touch Screen
  • Autonomous tank kit
  • Cup sensor kit
  • Hot water solenoid valve kit
  • Mixer kit for the replacement of the spiral mix
  • Additional payment systems kit
  • Memory key, to copy and transfer the operating parameters quickly between vending machines
  • Eva-Dts kit
Technical data Carthego Table Top
Structural characteristics
(w x h x d)
600 x 730 x 670 (865 with autonomous tank kit) mm
Weight 90 kg
Electrical characteristics
Power supply 230 V/50 Hz - (120 V/60 Hz coming soon)
Absorbed power 1750 W
Hydraulic characteristics
Boiler 600 cc
Water connections
Water network-connected 3/4’’ (1 - 8 bar)
Water supply standard: water network - optional: autonomous tank kit
Autonomous tank 20 l
Other characteristics
Cup dispenser °
Stirrer dispenser °
Cups (h 70 mm) 300
Available cups Ø 70 o 73 mm
Stirrers 320
Available stirrers 90 - 105 - 115 mm
Coffee bean container 1
Soluble products container 4 - 6 (Instant)
Sugar container 1
Number of selections 16
Number of pre-selections 2
Mixer 3 to 5
Coffee brewing group 7 gr or 9 gr
Capacity of the containers
Coffee beans 1,8 kg
Soluble coffee 0,6 kg
Barley Coffee 0,68 Kg
Milk 0,75 kg
Chocolate 1,9 kg
Tea 2,5 kg
Sugar 2 kg

Technical specifications
  • 5-channel cup dispenser
  • New Saeco system (patent pending) stirrer-sugar dispenser, with double front loader which makes it possible to double the machine’s current autonomy (160 stirrers x 2 rows) in the same amount of space
  • Dispenser bay with a gear dumper that brakes the door when it comes down (only during the drop)
  • Lock with one locking point
  • Vapour suction system in the bay, by way of channels carved out of the drainage recovery tank
  • Automatic change returning system
  • Automatic washing
  • Single payment system for the delivery of hot drinks and the distribution of cold drinks and snacks
  • Galvanised sheet metal box, painted with epoxy powder
  • Containers and tanks made of food-grade thermoplastic resin
  • Empty signal for water, coffee, cups, and grounds removal
  • 5-function keypad
  • Sales prices setting
  • Electronic boiler temperature control (programmable)
  • 60 W electromagnetic vibration pump (Espresso version)
  • Air-break device with anti-flooding system
  • Simplified anomaly reset
  • Boiler’s safety valve
  • General safety relay for 24 V components
  • Thermal protectors on all devices connected to the mains power supply
  • Safety and boil-prevention thermostats for soluble products’ boiler (Instant version)
  • CE, VDE approval (coming soon)